Why StavenCraft?

Collectable heirloom quality custom leather creations.

Each limited edition or custom-ordered piece is personally designed and handcrafted from start to finish by Kurtis Staven, using nothing but the best, hand-selected hides.

Let your imagination be your guide. Looking for outrageous and daring, or conservative and classy? We work with our clients from the design phase to the finished product to make your dreams come true. Each piece is a highly individualized expression that embodies the client’s individuality.

We work with clients on everything from simple, individualized, everyday items like phone cases, purses, wallets, and garments to highly detailed Medieval or Steampunk L.A.R.P. wear and more modern-themed armor. Whatever your style or needs are, we can make your concept a reality.

Mini carve

Mini carve

Why leather?

We know that our habits of making and using the stuff in our society is changing. As a society we are seeing a new point of view, and a subtle change in our intentions, our resources, and our processes.

We, as a society, are looking for innovative solutions that are expressive and sustainable. I see my role as a designer and craftsman as a link in a system that plugs into the boundless creative force of nature, and transforms it into the power of commerce which creates community, culture, and value through this custom leather craft.

Design is no longer just about stuff that looks good now and falls apart next month. Quality built to last a lifetime is the current growing trend. True craftsmen understand this, and know this is a market only we can serve. StavenCraft creates unique, high-quality items mass production can never duplicate.

The ingredients:
A professional designer and craftsman with expert knowledge and history in the field of custom leather;
Ability to guide creative inspiration and translate it to the end product;
Working closely with the client through each step of the process to create a unique piece;
An innovative artisan incorporating new and classic uses of his tools;
Using alternative, sustainable materials;
Using only vegetable tanned leather;
Bringing all the above ingredients together in a beautiful, natural context in the middle of a little piece of paradise known as Crawford Bay. Mix and process and experience, and see what happens…

We know you will be happy with the results. Why? Because each creation is fully approved by the client before the first piece is cut and the client is involved with the process until the last stitch is sewn or rivet is hammered.

I use nothing but real leather in your custom leather creation. No pleather ever enters our premise.

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  1. 2 months ago by wild2866

    Business in general, custom orders and life have kept me from staying more current here. I hope by the end of the month to be debuting a few exciting new lines here. In the meantime and for more current commentary you can find me at https://www.facebook.com/stavencraft For those reading this like my business page on facebook and share and I will be entering all those who do into a draw for a $100.00 gift certificate.

  2. 2 months ago by wild2866

    A must watch! A raw and to the heart interview with an artisan.


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